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Rabu, 20 April 2011

Ashley Greene Sexy Picture

Ashley Greene in BodypaintAshley Greene in BodypaintAshley Greene in BodypaintAshley Greene in BodypaintAshley Greene in Bodypaint
Twilight star Ashley Greene posed on the beach in nothing but bodypaint for an ultra hot advertising campaign.  Yeah, these pics make me want to drink Lifewater, or at least just drink.  Ashley Greene is smoking hot.

More about sexy Ashley Greene --- From Wikipedia.
Greene was born in Jacksonville, Florida, the daughter of Michele, who works in insurance, and Joe Greene, a U.S. Marine who now owns his own concrete business. She grew up in Middleburg and Jacksonville, and went to University Christian School before transferring to Wolfson High School when she was in tenth grade. She moved to Los Angeles, California, at the age of 17 to pursue an acting career. Greene has one sibling, an older brother named Joe, who still resides in Jacksonville with his parents.
Greene is good friends with her Twilight co-stars, particularly Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone whom she knew before filming of the series began.

Hot Picture Aura Kasih

Aura Kasih

Aura Kasih

Aura Kasih

After a loss to follow gig and have to deal with the police, would not want it to be a bad record for a singer in the world of entertainment Aura Kasih homeland. But she believes these images can be erased with slowly surely continue working.

"Thank God the future is still singing, everything must have a reason, well anyways all my mistakes even though there are other factors," Aura Kasih admitted mistakes when met at the Hard Rock Cafe, Plaza EX, Wednesday.

The problem seems to be a crushing blow for this new artist. Solo singer has admitted mistakes and learned many things from this problem.

"Everyone must have a problem all the way nobody is straight wrote yesterday that a reprimand for me, learning wrote for me, thank God already given a trial like that," Aura Kasih said.

Aura Kasih honestly admit that he had felt a little worse. This beautiful girl could hope to find the best solution and this problem does not need to be forwarded to the court.

"A little (worse) but it is looking for a solution. Hopefully, not until the court, yes just want the best," Aura Kasih concluded.
Aura Kasih

Foto Paha Seksi Pinkan Mambo

Pinkan Mambo
Pinkan Mambo
Pinkan Mambo
Pinkan Mambo
Pinkan Mambo, From Hate So Love Football

A relationship with a football player is not an easy matter, especially if the person does not like the ball, just like Pinkan Mambo. Initially do not like football, but due to dating a footballer, she would have to adapt to the lifestyle of a footballer.

"Honestly I do not like the ball first, I hate the same ball game, because I do not know what's interesting. When I was at Febri, I'm going out with him I do not know if he's a ball player. When it was invented, I just knew he was playing ball. More here I've learned to play ball like that what grief, what is art, "explained Pinkan Mambo when found in the King` s Cafe, Senayan City, after media retrieval SCTV Carnival 2011. Now he admitted that he likes football and all its accessories.

Although the distance integral, Pinkan Mambo lovers always asked Pinkan Mambo to watch the game in Medan. With often watch a game, Pinkan Mambo so much to understand about the world of football that discipline.

"Once out, it turned out to play ball more discipline than singing. Until the minutes he was sleeping well until set, eating, nutrition, calories. So when I know why at this hour asleep still, she spoiled my girls call me, I still want to by the way but he's already time for bed I was angry. Then finally after knowing it works I'm not angry, "the story of Pinkan Mambo. 

"Free copy and paste this article but please give the source of a link to Foto Seksi Mengintip Paha Mulus Artis Pinkan Mambo thanks!" 

Foto Artis Seksi "Ika Putri"

Ika Putri

Ika Putri
Ika Putri
Ika Putri, Keep Condition With Aerobics and Karate

In order to maintain body condition singer Ika Putri regular exercise each day. Starting karate, swimming, badminton to be done in order to maintain aerobic stamina body condition, in addition to keeping her body order not stretched.

"If sports are more routine yes aerobics, swimming and badminton. Sometimes also karate same father. I once was wushu because the father had a private dojo. So once a week training," Ika Putri said when met after playing futsal with my entertainment reporter Village Kuningan, Kuningan, Jakarta, Saturday night.

Currently, female from Surabaya was also recognized the benefits of sport. In addition to a healthy body, he also rarely attacked by diseases.

"Yes really, other than fun agency is also fit and sweat out really fast. So rarely sick, too. If sports are not so seriously as athletes, because it takes more concentration I think. For now, I am more interest in singing if just for a sports maintance body continues to fun, "she said.

Re-affirmed goal Ika Putri exercise more to shape the body needs, including the hand muscles. "I used to have a routine form of muscle in the gym and I saw Britney Spears and Madonna. So I want to raise ya muscle," she said then laughed.

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