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Rabu, 20 April 2011

Foto Paha Seksi Pinkan Mambo

Pinkan Mambo
Pinkan Mambo
Pinkan Mambo
Pinkan Mambo
Pinkan Mambo, From Hate So Love Football

A relationship with a football player is not an easy matter, especially if the person does not like the ball, just like Pinkan Mambo. Initially do not like football, but due to dating a footballer, she would have to adapt to the lifestyle of a footballer.

"Honestly I do not like the ball first, I hate the same ball game, because I do not know what's interesting. When I was at Febri, I'm going out with him I do not know if he's a ball player. When it was invented, I just knew he was playing ball. More here I've learned to play ball like that what grief, what is art, "explained Pinkan Mambo when found in the King` s Cafe, Senayan City, after media retrieval SCTV Carnival 2011. Now he admitted that he likes football and all its accessories.

Although the distance integral, Pinkan Mambo lovers always asked Pinkan Mambo to watch the game in Medan. With often watch a game, Pinkan Mambo so much to understand about the world of football that discipline.

"Once out, it turned out to play ball more discipline than singing. Until the minutes he was sleeping well until set, eating, nutrition, calories. So when I know why at this hour asleep still, she spoiled my girls call me, I still want to by the way but he's already time for bed I was angry. Then finally after knowing it works I'm not angry, "the story of Pinkan Mambo. 

"Free copy and paste this article but please give the source of a link to Foto Seksi Mengintip Paha Mulus Artis Pinkan Mambo thanks!" 

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